TyroneBcookin came from my name, Tyrone B. and what I do, cookin', said in a southern dialect dropping the "g" on the end of cooking. I started using it as a self "branding" years ago.

I started cooking at a young age in 4H Club, Cub Scouts, Bus Breakfast on Saturday mornings, church events...Over the years I have worked, traveled, and experienced some amazing adventures!

Eight of those years I was with Mercy Ships (where I met my wife). This organization has the worlds largest civilian hospital ship, Africa Mercy, as seen on 60 Minutes. Previously I worked on three of their ships and at the International Operations Center located in East Texas. Along the way I met a lot of awesome people that have influenced my world view, cultural experiences, and culinary education!

At the top you can subscribe by email, or the easiest way is to add me to one of your Google Plus circles by using the app in the side bar. Currently I am the Kitchen Director at a private academy, personal chef for some awesome clients, and manage food events for a local church.

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