Our Story

TyroneBcookin came from my name
Tyrone B. and what I do, cookin', said in a southern accent dropping the"g" on the end of cooking. I started using it as a self "branding" or nickname years ago.

I started cooking at a young age in 4H Club, Cub Scouts, Saturday morning Bus Breakfast, church events... Over the years I have worked, traveled, and experienced some amazing adventures!

Eight of those years I was with Mercy Ships (where I met my wife). This organization has the world's largest civilian hospital ship, Africa Mercy, as seen on 60 Minutes. I worked on three of their ships (in various parts of the world) and at the International Operations Center. 

Along the way, I met a lot of awesome people that have influenced my worldview, cultural experiences, and culinary education! 

My experience ranges as follows:
  • Restaurants - fast food to fine dining
  • Hospital - learning the different diets and restrictions for patients.
  • School - was the kitchen director for a private academy for many years
  • Catering - from backyard BBQ's to Champagne & Caviar
  • Personal Chef - now you know I can't divulge clients...its a privacy thing.
  • Ships - Held several titles as Chef, Kitchen Manager, Food Service Manager...(Galleys)
  • Non-Profit / Volunteer / Missionary/Mercy Ships
Currently, I spend my "free time" (as if there were such a thing!) with my family making food videos. They are "home-made" labors of love. Tytus tells me what he wants to do, we decide on a thought or idea, and then we do it! There is no professional camera and make-up here. My younger son Ezra gets the job of "taste tester" and "critical review".

* From 2017 - 2019 we returned to work with Mercy Ships in West Africa on the M/V Africa Mercy. Our whole family lived, worked, and went to school on the ship for 2 years. You can read about some of those adventures here: BartonsOnBoard.com  We returned in the summer of 2019. AND OH what a time it has been integrating back into "stateside" life!