The Captains lunch went good...I went with the vinagrette, no sour cream and with the apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

Tonight we are having leg of lamb (w/mint sauce), rice, and mixed vegetables...I think the lamb came out real good. But its time intensive cutting all the meat off of that many legs!!! (probably 20 from 2 1/2 kilo to 4 kilo apiece).

Later our small group will be meeting for a time of singing, praying, and studying the Bible...will be good to socialize a little outside of the workplace.

Right now I am enjoying two books, one by John MacArthur and the other by Charles (Chuck) Swindoll. I have their reviews under spiritual books in my X-tras section of my website. Most of the time I read the books first before reviewing them but these are more like devotionals or daily thoughts and are usefull to read more than once.

The first officer and the Captain were very impressed with the lunch we served...thank the Lord!