A small luxury

Today I was able to borrow a TV/VCR combo so I could watch some of my food network video tapes…ahhh, what bliss. Hahaha

We celebrated a ship-wide international Thanksgiving to God last Sunday but had the traditional U.S. meal? Hmmm, I wonder how that works. Well, anyways the crew was happy and they liked the food…we even had a green bean casserole that had our own ‘french’ fried onions on top. And then Jennifer and I (she is a team leader in the Galley) argued about whether to mix some of the fried onions into the casserole or not because they get mushy. But the casserole was her ‘baby’ and she did a great job with the whole meal!

Tomorrow I am planning to go with a group to the ‘stilt village’, I think we have to have boat transportation to an Island where the whole village is on stilts…the dental team has already been to this village providing dental care. It will be a good chance to see all the different environments the teams work in.