Things to come

Today was another one of those days when if you are caught anywhere around the kitchen they are going to ask you questions which always make you work because it is to hard to explain some things...and yes I was off. But of course I am well used to this, but I see no point in having to hide in order to enjoy a day off!!! People should just be more respectful since we live in a tight community (on a ship)...but they are not.

I am doing a little pre-prep work tonight while no one is in the kitchen since there is a special Captains lunch tomorrow for about 25 people outside of the regular meals for 400 people...usually these are local guests of the Captain (Jay) which usually include anyone from translators to dignitaries of our host country. I am anticipating having a little fun with that. I am told we usually have one lunch like this at every new port.

Starting with a salad, I am working on a smoked salmon, cucumber, dark greens, and a vinagrette with lemon zest sour cream dollop....needs a little more work in my head...maybe get rid of the sour cream and go with an oriental inspired sesame vinagrette and top it off with a few hot and sweet cashews?

As it stands (if nothing changes) I am looking at a chicken roulade with spinach and gouda, next we will have a whole baked onion stuffed with brown rice pilaf, and either carrots with dill or mixed vegetable with a light herb butter. A little sun-dried tomato sauce for plating the chicken (cream based). A bread of sorts?

For dessert maybe a warm homemade banana pudding, or an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Hmmm, we will see what happens.

Tomorrow will prove to be another interesting day as do most days around here.