As life rolls by me (or over me) at a speed that I can not slow down (or the aging process for that matter) I find myself looking around to see who has made it all the way, or if in fact, I am the one who is behind.

We are by nature (or is it habit?) comparing people. But by being this way we bring on a much greater stress than is realized...It is probably the foundation for most stress we have today. How? Why do we strive so hard at work unless we are afraid of the person that may be better than us and take that promotion or raise? Do we really worry about our weight problem or physical attributes because of health reasons or because of our perception of ourselves in comparison to what the 'world' excepts? Why is it I (me personally) have so many problems at work when everybody is getting paid the same (nothing, we are all volunteers in this organization)?

Comparison, it can be a great tool for evaluation and growth (thru God's word [Bible] and his plan for us and recognizing the areas we need to work on/grow in) or a nagging, whining, 'I'm not being treated fairly' road to dissension, depression, and misery (at this point the old saying seems to be true, 'misery loves company' and so a few more people have been brought down with this contagious selfish attitude).

Many people cannot just mind there own business and hold their selves accountable for the work that they say they are offering or doing for the Lord (God).

People will say that, many people will believe it, but MOST people fail in representation of that statement at one time or another. Am I here to judge? I don't think so...I have often been guilty of that myself from time to time.

Which brings me to the parable of Workers in the Vineyard.*

Indulge me by reading these verses of scripture from the Bible (Matthew 20:1-16 or just click on the link in the above sentence). When I read them I have conviction (feelings of guilt) for the way I must have given others many a headache by constantly droning on about my own unfair circumstances or situations and on the other hand, I have had many a headache by listening to the same complaints day in and day out...

They say (scholars, historians, etc...) that most men did not even live thru the beatings and/or lashes of a whip before crucifixion. But Jesus did. And he did it for us. How is that for a comparison?

*[Workers in the Vineyard - What is a Parable? Parables are true to life. When you hear the story, you can relate it to your own life. It conveys its message of truth through analogy, through comparison or contrast. The power of a parable comes from the fact that you recognize that "That's the way it is in real life." Parables are great because they tell a story that is easy to remember.]