Expanding my thoughts

There is a nice story I want to tell you that I remember from a section of a book by Swindoll. It will be a paraphrase since I can only remember so much, and, I am sure that these things are copyrighted...

A young boy fresh out of Sunday School class was running around ecstatic. After finding his father nearby, he started telling his father about Moses escaping from Egypt with the Israelites. He explained to his father that while he was making it to the Red Sea the Pharaohs army was catching up...so Moses got on his walkie-talkie and called in the Israelite Airforce to come bomb Pharaohs Army while the Israelite Navy built a pontoon bridge across the Red Sea where they escaped to freedom!

His dad was shocked, he demanded to know if this is the way they taught him the story in Sunday school. The boy said, "Well no, not exactly...but if I told it to you the way they told us, you would never believe it!!!".

Now in reading this and studying the implications it gives, it makes me wonder do we (society at large) really try to put Jesus death and resurrection, the story of Salvation, into what we perceive is a more 'real' or 'easier' story in order for it to be more believable to others?

1 Corinthians 3:7 So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

Does this verse imply that we are to plant the seed (God’s word, Jesus Salvation) and/or water (feed the word to, or encourage) the one who has been told or revealed the word of God, BUT it is God’s job to make it grow?

If the responsibility is not ours to convince the recipients it is true, then why do we have trouble sharing a two thousand year old story in its true historical form? And what can we possibly gain by distorting it besides further confusion?

Which is harder to believe:

1. Moses was led by God to complete a mission that was confirmed by God and God miraculously saved his people?


2. There was actually an Air force and Navy capable of Jet bombing and Pontoon Bridge building on B.C. earth?

Just expanding my thoughts and sharing them with you as they come. I already have some other thoughts of study that are surfacing that I may take the time to write down tomorrow.

Have a great day, and think about it!