Happiness, let me tell you what it is!

Happiness, I have the definition all wrapped up...right here on board this ship with me!

Even though I am not going to be 'home' for Christmas I have received some real good mail and anticipate a little more...because I was told it was coming, and that in itself is making me happy thinking about it being on its way!

First I have received great mail from several people wishing me Holiday greetings. I have a new Emeril cookbook called 'Potluck' which I will endorse right now on the spot (It is a great recipe/cook book, ingredients should be easy to find in the store and he does such a good job at making it simple but still 'gourmet'...I also sense its got that 'Southern' feel that I really love, check it out!). I read it like a novel...we in the South are always 'up' for a good potluck dinner. Thats good eats!

In the same box I also received some cards from family, some Christmas Blend Starbucks Coffee (yeah baby yeah) and a December/Christmas addition Food & Wine Magazine...that I will be readin' while I am sippin' on some Starbucks!

But don't stop there! There's more! If I wait long enough there will be pictures of my niece and nephew (to go on the door beside the card) coming in the mail with some stollen bread! How about a nice piece of that with coffee and magazine?! That's right! Food stains on the magazine...I will pause here to give you a little culinary food lesson: Definition: [STOH-luhn; SHTOH-luhn] Germany's traditional Christmas yeast bread, stollen is a rich, dried fruit-filled loaf that's often topped with a confectioners' sugar icing and decorated with candied cherries. It's shaped like a folded oval and somewhat resembles a giant parker house roll. My sister's mother-in-law (or my Brother-in-law's mother) is from Germany, so this is the real authentic stuff!!! Thanks Ursula!

I have another friend who has sent me a CD that just came out in the states that was the second part of 2(and also some specialty coffee and 'other' things!). I already have the first CD so this completes it! SO now a little new Music for my enjoyment during Christmas.

I won't go on and on...but as you see it doesn't take much to please me if you know my heart.

True happiness will be in celebrating the birth of Jesus, and I can celebrate that and enjoy these things this Holiday Season. What a blessing!