Recently I have found a lot of frustrations between understanding leadership (my boss or bosses) and the people that I am responsible for. There are several aspects that make it a difficult chore. First I would think that it is because I work with people from so many different cultures, Secondly so many different ages and religious backgrounds, and Third...Ah who am I kidding? There are so many different factors to consider that I don't think I could list them all!!!

What is, or used to be part of Gateway and Segue training (which is like teaching people for work in missions with Mercy Ships) is a training class called '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Franklin Covey, but it is taught from a biblical standpoint. I even have my card with the 7 Habits on one side and the 'work' quadrants on the other side...Its been washed and dried a few time but it is fairly legible. (Work quadrants would be another topic for later) I just want to center my attention on one of the 7 Habits that I believe is the key to a lot of my frustration... Seeking first to understand, then to be understood.

Combine that Idea of thinking with the aspects I cited earlier...In my opinion most people do not have time to understand and conveniently assert their way of thinking and how to do things because they do not have the time or patience to hear your thoughts. Why? Because they already know how to do things, they have already heard what you are going to suggest and it doesn't work, and/or most of the time they have already refused to accept any new options. One reason is because it could change so much, and (everybody say it with me!) thats the way 'we' have always done it.

How do you over come this? Most of the time its a long road of prayer, finghting battles, hours and hours spent listening to lectures, attending meetings, and listening to ideas that you have heard over and over again because repetition wears people out, or convinces them. Does this make it right? No. Do most people surrender when they realize the long road they may have to travel to make a difference or change? I don't know...

You really want the answer to this now that I brought it up? This is my opinion: Stay close to the Lord(Jesus, God, Holy Spirit) thru prayer, scripture, praise and worship and let the Lord speak to your heart...It will come. Maybe just one answer at a time, or completely for a whole situation. But be ready for the answer, its not always the one YOU think of...And it may not come as fast as YOU think it should.

One day I will understand all this...And then maybe it won't be so imperative that I be understood. Confused?