My Big Toe and other interesting things

As of lately I have been walking around with my sandal/flip flops on washing my big toe a couple of times every day, and wondering how many other people it will make flinch noticeably when they see it.

I had an ingrown toenail that was infected and had a kind of fungi in addition to other problems so in order to solve everything in one swoop...tada! No toenail! Nah, it doesn't hurt near as much as before and hopefully I won't bang it in to anything.

Its amazing how much pain you can be in every day and not even notice it. It comes to your attention one day that little by little the pain was growing stronger and stronger and you just realized by a stroke of genius that hey, maybe I ought to take care of this. OHHhhhh, the relief and happiness it brings from pain created to relieve the problem that has been constant...All worth it many times over.

Now the trick is to keep it clean and not let it get infected.

I wonder how many OTHER things in our life are like that? How long have we felt pain, put up with things, and/or ignored things so long that we didn't really know how much it was affecting us until we woke up one day and realized we had to take care of it. Yes sometimes things bring more pain in order to start the healing process but that pain should be nothing compared to the release/joy it should bring from being free of it.

Think about it. And remember the next step: Now the trick is to keep it clean and not let it get infected (again).