No, this is not going to be an article about food. I am the one marinating, in my own sweat. As I sit here thinking about the love I have for this small fan I possess it reminds me of growing up in the projects having no air conditioner for at least most of my childhood life (till 17). You take a shower at night and then run jump in bed and try to go to sleep while the fan blows cool on your wet body. Then wake up in the middle of night stuck to your sheets with a damp pillow slowly suffocating you....

Yes the air conditioner is out on the ship again...But let me reassure I live no luxurious life. The galley (kitchen) I work in on board has an air flow system, blowers and exhaust, but no air conditioner. This ship is over 50 years old and when they finally installed the system in the ship they didn't run it to the kitchen(can I get a sane excuse for this error?!?!). So after sweating all day in the hot kitchen (I have drunk at least four liters of fluid already today and that was just at work) I have to start all over again after my shower.

This is usually not the case for my room. This last week has had problems with our generators (we are on emergency generator now), boiler (that means no hot water or steam kettles I can use in the kitchen, dishes, cleaning, or showers for that matter!), and my refrigerator and freezer units have not come down to the proper temperature for refilling them with food. And even if they do, it has taken way to long...That's not a good sign. We also have containers of food that have arrived but its hard to store what you already have in rented storage on the docks.

Oh, guess what? We are supposed to leave in two weeks!

But I'm not worried a bit...This is how it goes and how it is sometimes. You can only do all that you can do, and pray some more. God does things on His timing, if He ever does something right on time by your standards then that is all the more reason you should praise Him!

Then again, maybe I do live a luxurious life...I love it.