Fixin, Fittin, and Gettin things done!

Alright it seems we (the Anastasis) will be sailing to Liberia in about a week, hopefully. We have all our parts crucial for the engine to now I can actually plan my flight ticket and have it purchased. But now instead of going to the Dominican Republic the Caribbean Mercy has some further repairs perhaps I will be seeing 'sweet home Alabama' once again before disappearing on a sail to Barahona.

I am getting things prepared already because there is a 20 kilo weight restriction which means just one bag at 44 pounds. Not a lot I will be taking with me since my chef/culinary attache case weighs about that much...and since the most of the knives and equipment will not 'carry on' I will be giving away my OTHER possessions (What? You think I would actually give anything away in my attache case, thats ludicrous!) like Santa Claus in about 3 weeks.

But of course, I love it! I like to travel light and with only the most though if given the choice I would probably take extra if I could. Most of the things I will be getting rid of are about used up anyway. My clothes (stained and weather worn) have been with me for years...actually I would probably be embarrassed by them except that #1 I'm a guy, #2 most other missionaries tend to have the same 'fashion' culture as me, #3 Being a guy most of the time I just don't care...I'm not here to impress anyone and my work clothes are usually taken better care of than the rest of my clothes, simply because that's mostly what I do, work.

So I am fixin' to leave this ship at the end of the month, I am fittin' to start 'cleaning house', and I am gettin' a plane ticket!