Why bother?

In about another month I will be packing again. I sometimes wonder why I ever bother to unpack. Maybe I can get me some of that luggage that just sits up straight after you carry it and it looks and functions like a dresser, hmmm. Maybe they can even make a mirror the same size as the bag that when you slide down the elongated handle ( like those ones that roll and have a telescoping handle when you go on planes) you can slide up the mirror in place. Wha-La! A small dresser complete with hidden slide-up mirror.

Better yet, make my 13 inch TV/vcr with a DVD/CD player also built into it (did I mention Bose Acoustic Speakers too?)...And have two rolling wheels at the back and a telescoping handle for those quick easy moves. Being 'carry on size' for this would be nice too.

Oh, OH! And maybe have one 'credit card' style card that you use for everything...Program it that way. Slide your card almost anywhere and pick which one you need: Passport info, license, American Express credit, Visa credit, Mastercard credit, bank debit...Just pick the one you need from the options screen. Then have it multi-task for sliding in your door at home to get in, slide in slot to get in car, slide in slot and push button to start car...At work you could also use it to ID yourself clocking/punching in and out at the timeclock.

I am sure all this will be coming shortly, its just that its not helping me now...now when I need it the most. So packing, traveling, and moving isn't so frustrating. Especially when you have done it so many times in the last 3 months.

After all this time I pretty much have it down to a science though...I use canvas or some other durable material for my 'soft luggage' (all my luggage are duffel bags and/or back packs) its more forgiving in moving stuff in it all the time. Fits more places on planes, trains, and buses too. I give everything away like Santa Claus and then keep the basic clothes and shoes (I have found this very liberating and most of the stuff I give away ends up being replaced by kind unsuspecting people at my next destination who never knew I just gave the same item away. Its usually to much trouble to travel with it, or mail it.

Books are easy to get rid of because I only have a few that I keep and the rest I usually have read them anyway.

Believe it or not I bought a business card holder (like a slim picture album) and I keep multiple cards of all sorts for different regions of my travels and then just swap them out in my small flip style credit card wallet.

For example, I have a Blockbuster (movie rentals) card for Mobile Alabama. I also have one for various other states, Canada, and a few other places that rent movies. So when I get to the Dominican republic I get out all the cards that are valid for use in that area and put all the other ones back in the card 'album' and I have 'prepared' my wallet for the next destination.

Somewhere after your thousandth mile, or second,third trip from home you start to get a little smart with this whole traveling thing.

My passport actually looks like those faded blue jeans that 'double' for church pants in a pinch. Yes, the original dark blue (or whatever color you want to call it) of my passport looks that worn out now...Of course it didn't help that I washed it at least on time I know of...And there is probably enough dried sweat in it to produce 'DNA Matching'.

I am very happy though, I have enjoyed my travels immensely and sooner or later my packing problems will be over...Apple will probably come out with an prototype called 'ipac' to put all these things together...AND play MP3's!

It will just take it forever to get down to a price I can afford!!!