I finally found the digital camera I lost...I packed it away with some stuff I thought I wouldn't be using for a few weeks.

So now that I have found it maybe I can get the pics downloaded and upload a picture of the watermelon I carved for my church's 25th Anniversary.

On another note: Some days it is just extremely aggravating working on my website...And in the end it just seems to be the difference between upper and lower case letters, one or two of them!!!

My software (frontpage) does not differentiate between upper and lower case letters in the html pages, but obviously my server which holds my website does! UGH!

I think I got it all straightened out now...

Ok, so the contour of the watermelon was tricky but all of the other watermelon had their prices written on them with permanent black markers...Not to elegant when they show up in the middle of your creation. And I told the sellers at the farmers market that too!