I'm back and ready to go

I did return to the ship on Sunday night..Somewhere between 9 and 10pm. Just in time to redeem myself from the wondering mind of the crew. After they saw my empty bedroom when they put some of my mail in there, they truly wondered whether I planned to come back at all.

I can pack all my stuff into the hooptie, so why not? I figure if something weird or unplanned happens to the ship or me there will be no reason to go back to get anything...Or worry about it being missing or damaged. So I took it all. But I did store some of it at my parents until I travel out to the IOC next month.

Now that I am back I am ready to go...hahaha, and will shortly do so. Now the time seems to have gone by fast.

I am looking forward to a trip out west and then a week at home before going to the IOC in August. Your probably saying 'he was just at home'. You know being at home can be very stressful and busy when you usually average being home 2 weeks to a month out of the year. There is so much to do, so many people to see and spend time with. Being at home last week was a blessing, if not for circumstances beyond my control I would not have been.