Public Library

You may find this a boring post but I am just realizing how much I missed our public library. I don't know what size or how it ranks in the nation but it is great!

We have movies, CD's, tapes, and of course books...But a million other things too! The library also has some of those oversized plush chairs that are very comfortable and hard to stay awake in unless you are reading a really good book, or the newest edition of Bon Appetit, Gourmet, or one of those other food magazines(OK maybe that's just me).

Our Library looks like a big fort and its about 3 or 4 stories high. I am not completely sure because some levels are used for conferences, meetings and such. The picture is real small too...But it was the only one I could find(I found a bigger one, so that is what you are looking at now).

The Library is close to the Wellness Center where I have rejoined so I can work out and exercise again after all these years...I have also got a cell phone now so I can have that mobility and ease of communication wherever I go. No, I will not give the number out publicly. You would probably call and text message me so many times I would loose all my money and good credit rating, not to mention alienate me from the rest of the world when they deactivate my phone! Ha!

Why is all this so important? Because as high as gas is I will be trying to walk everywhere and enjoy as much free entertainment as I can!!!

Oh yeah, still waiting on that job. Its great being home, seriously!