A few things to know

Without going into a lot of detail (except where I want to explain) I had a little road trip with friends last week to Connecticut via Dayton Ohio, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, thru New York City (on the Bronx side) to Torrington.

Along the way I managed to eat Cheesecake Factory (In Philly - fish tacos, and apps.), Anthony's (Authentic Italian - had antipasto, homemade sausage, & gnocchi with Alfredo sauce), and Shieks (sandwiches inc. - 'kitchen sink' grinder or something like a cross between Philly cheese steak and subway sandwich). My friend Pastor Will (Valley Fellowship - my home church), his mom cooked us Korean food for a midnight dinner on our way back (she's full/100% Korean). All of it EXCELLENT! Just wanted you to know that. Another great culinary expedition without even trying...I just went along for the 'ride' and to help out. And a big THANK YOU! for all those who hosted us (just in case you stumble across my website and wonder why I didn't mention your names...but I thought that would be sharing to much without your consent).

Pastor Pat (The Dwelling Place - church) went to research some on William Penn and his lineage since he is a 'Penn' himself, hence the trip via Philly in PENNsylvania (actually named for William Penn's Dad, Lord William Penn...I think).

I guess I could have called this excursion, 2 Pastors and a Missionary?!

Yes, I took (unpaid) time off from work after only 2 months of working...Has it really been that long???

Life is a steady grind of routine and work for me lately...In a way that's good and bad. The bad being I don't really like my job and nothing else has opened up for me right now. The good? The obvious, having money, paying bills, yada yada...

In January (when all my commitments and responsibilities here at home are done) I am still considering doing mission or missionary work again...But this time I will probably try to go about getting financial support a different way. But right now this thought is only 50/50.

Really depends if anything opens up for me between now and then (January). One half of me wants to get a job (like one of those decent paying career jobs) and settle in looking for a house and maybe considering a wife and family later on..In that order. But of course this is all speculation, and the next day I wake up and want to dash it all go for broke working and traveling at minimum or no financial gain just to enjoy cooking and making a difference by surrendering myself to that kind of sacrifice (but really, what kind of sacrifice is it when it brings Joy to you and God?) and lifestyle. Which would God have me choose? That's yet to be decided...But I am looking for clues along the way and listening for His voice.

Pray, pray that I could at least get a job with better hours so I can be more involved with church and ministries here at home.

I am ashamed to say that even though I have cooked here and there since I have been home...I have not used my own culinary tools or brought my Executive Chef Attache Case (sounds fancy doesn't it? Knife and tool suitcase for travel...I didn't make that name up, that's how I had to order it) out of the trunk since I rode away from the Caribbean Mercy.

Its just not right I tell you!

One more thing...to Mr. Tom, I am sorry I haven't been coming to your Sunday School Class but with the job and hours I work I just can't make my body get up that early. I sincerely apologize.

My website will go 'offline' or be terminated next month...but I will still be writing on my 'bogspot' tyronebcookin.blogspot.com . That is FREE website space...plus I have less time to keep up with these things nowadays (and my parents have dial-up so it takes forever to upload website changes). Hahaha