Life doesn't stop

Things are moving right along for me...After asking for prayer to get a better job I was offered one the VERY next day.

I am going back to work for a beverage company that I was employed with 5 years before coming to Mercy Ships...Yes, you guessed it. I am a BUD man again.

I only work about 4 days a week, BC/BS full medical and dental (company pays 60percent). Weekly paycheck...hmmm what else? We get all major holidays off and there is plenty of room for advancement.

Now I have time off to get involved with some local ministries and food drives. Not to mention entertaining for friends (nice way of using them for culinary test subjects), church projects, and a few things of my own!

Because of all the developments lately I have not renewed my website (so it will be dissappearing in November sometime) also I do not have personal access to internet (that works good) all the time so I will be posting all new developments here.

I have discontinued my 'we b cookin' blogspot for lack of outside interest (except for a few) and will now bring all my attention to keeping this blog up-to-date with what I am doing now-a-days.

I bid Mercy Ships a final farewell as I now permanently push on to work in other areas of ministry and missions. To all my friends made during 'Mercy Ships' we will still keep in contact and maybe a few visits now and then would be nice...but you know who you are because we still keep in contact now.

It seems to be a new season (literally)...and I feel GOOD about it!