Odds and Ends

I am now shopping for an apartment for the beginning of next year. Its kind of hard doing that when you don't have a (paying) job reference or lease history for the past 4 1/2 years!

My new (old) job is working wonderfully for me and I am expecting a pay raise by December or January.

No news in the relationship department, but then of course I am not spending any time worrying about that. I got goals, focus, vision, things that need to be accomplished in the next few months...and even further down the road.

Lately I have been reading the book, 'The Bible That Jesus Read' which has been very good for me and understanding Old Testament 'things'. I am about halfway thru with it...it came about that I chose this book after reading another book by the same author that I really enjoyed, 'The Jesus I Never Knew' by Phillip Yancy.

At work it has been like dusting off an old bicycle and riding it again only to discover there are a few new additions to it...but thats ok, because it doesn't take long to adjust to those either.

I am finally recuperating from a lung infection that has been sapping my energy for the last ten days and will venture back into the gym after taking a week off. Even though I have not been cooking or creating as much as I would like, I have still taken time to read from my culinary books and magazines as well as watch a lot of my favorite food network shows...so I am still learning and developing some new 'things' and dishes, recipes, menus...that I will be trying out when I get my own kitchen in January.

I have found that after our state went to a 'no-smoking' law in all the restaurants that I have been able to go back to a few hometown places that I started avoiding just because of the heavy smoke...which doesn't effect any of my friends that smoke because they never smoke while eating in an establishment anyway. They say it ruins the experience and taste of the food.

Now I wonder what ever gave them that Idea? Smart people they are (my friends)!