Frescata (sandwiches from Wendy's)

Once again I love the play on words to bring about a 'new' and exciting sandwich menu to a dying heavily calorie and fat laden menu, in my opinion that is.

Just out of my own curiosity I could not get a translation from frescata from Italian, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. So I broke it down and tried again with Fresca (which literally means fresh in all these languages except French). Then I went with ta and got: your in French (which wouldn't work considering fresca meant nothing), ta meant nothing in Spanish (so that doesn't work), you in Italian, it to you in Portuguese.

So now lets see what we get...if we compromise between Italian and Portuguese we can get a phrase that says, 'fresh to you'. Which would work with the rest of the statement, New Frescata Deli Sandwiches.

Once again it is now up to you to investigate to see whether it is worth the 'hype' or the Italian/Portuguese interpretation.

New food marketing techniques drive me nuts...can you tell!!!