Hook, Line, and Sinker

3103 Lemmon
Dallas, TX 75204

Old worn out boat motors hanging out on the porch/patio out front, small dining area with lots of 'fishin' paraphernalia all over, wooden shack with a 'wait to be seated sign AFTER ORDERING' sign gets you started.

No caviar, sauteed snapper, calamari, or turtle soup here...No way. But a good dose of catfish filets, jumbo shrimp, fried oysters, trout, salmon, and various combinations thereof, most of which is also available in the form of a Po' boy sandwich. Most every entree has the added bonus of being served alongside fries and hushpuppies, and plenty of grease-absorbing sides are also on hand, including stuffed jalapenos, pickled green tomatoes, grilled zucchini, and seasoned squash.

If indeed your calorie intake has not been exceeded, please do fill up with homemade pies ranging from sweet potato to coconut chess!!!

Of course you can have grilled or boiled! We wouldn't want to exclude all those people who can't consume all those 'luscious' taste enhancing lubricants...Now would we? No.

Stephanie and I personally enjoyed/shared the Boiled 1lb Crab Legs & 1lb Shrimp with corn (on the cob) and New Potatoes for $19.95. And just not to feel left out, we ordered a side of Onion Rings. MMmmm, Tasty...Its no wonder they leave a whole roll of papertowels on the table for you to clean yourself up with.

Maybe we'll try the pie next time.

I personally have got in the habit of not messin' with my taste buds while eating certain kinds of food, so I would say water would be a choice beverage to wash it all down with...And that's free!