Yeah, Yeah

So I know its been awhile...

Let me just sum up and review. Eating places in downtown Dallas are plenty...And the Green Papaya (Vietnamese) is very good. Maybe if I have time I will come back to that with more info, maybe not?

Helping Gary run the kitchen here at the Mercy Ships International Operations Center has been good and they keep us busy with everyday meals, events, functions, and really anything else they can think of to incorporate food!

Catering has been good and we have reinvested a lot of the money in tweaking/fixing problems that occur or getting prepared for them in the future. Check out our website . We can even bill you with a complete invoice by email and you can pay with your paypal or credit card by clicking a link in your email! (I know, we are big time now...Right?!) hahaha

Wedding plans are kick-in along at a good pace and things are really shaping up there, we (just me before the marriage) will be moving into an apartment the middle of next month so I can get everything unpacked and set up. Yes, we already have most of the furniture and YOU KNOW I got my favorite kitchen stuff packed up with me just ready to unload in a kitchen of my own, uh, excuse me...Our own.

My sister has just had another addition to her family, Victor Joseph...Her third child, my second nephew. Whew-hoo!!!!

And for those of my devote fans/readers (all 3 or so of you) please pray for my dads healing...He had an accident at work where he fell down and cut/hurt his head and eye (around eye is swollen, though I think it is not cut) and also broke his hand. And since his car is manual he won't be able to drive for awhile. For himself or my mom.

that's all folks...So much packed in such a short space.