Work, life, Christmas

[ 2 new additions to the family this year, wife Stephanie & nephew VJ - early Christmas presents are the best! ]

It has been a fast forward moment since being married last month...Time seems to be slipping away quite quickly.

It has been a good thing though. I have been working several venues...We keep things running here at The Oasis dining room at Mercy Ships IOC and have several catering jobs as Exclusively Yours Catering. Also being employed as contract work/consulting Chefs.

I recently completed my food safety manager training course to once again be updated and certified in food safety.

Stephanie recently had a birthday and I believe I did a good job as new husband helping her enjoy and celebrate her first year being married!

We both have a lot to talk about and discuss when it comes to relaxing a bit after work. We are both very different people, but at the same time we both have a lot of the same food and decorative tastes. (such as sushi and the colors and materials we like our furniture).

Christmas and New Year are upon us already and we both have busy work schedules...But I feel I really don't have any NEW resolutions to work on, or additional presents to buy...Just more time to enjoy my wife and meditate on Jesus birth and his life purpose here on this earth all those years ago.

Please try not to slip into that commercialized, stressed out, road rage, angry person this year...Take time to reflect on where this Holiday originated from.

Merry Christmas everyone...

*(as my niece Katy would say, lets make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake!) - Try celebrating a real birthday this year...Not just a 'holiday'.