New Version

Supposedly I am on a 'new version' of my same and improved. Ha, we'll see. I wonder if you readers will notice at all?

Exclusively Yours Catering is getting a slow start in January, but that's to be expected...everyone is partied out from Christmas and New Years! On the other hand we have events scheduled as far out as June, with a bid in for a 2 day event in April for an Engineers Conference of sorts.

In March we will once again probably cater the food for the Tyler AIDS 'Matisse March Madness' fund raiser. We have done several things with Tyler AIDS Service (for free of course) we get food donations from our purveyors and then volunteer our time. Last October we did 'Dancing With The Tyler Stars' to help Tyler AIDS Service to raise funds. If you are wondering where are credits are on these links..we fall under the category: sponsored by local area chefs. But I guess that keeps us humble.

Mercy Ships is 'cranking up' again. Classes have already started for Introduction to Missions, and next I think its Medical Missions and another Gateway class starting lots of work to be done in the kitchen at the IOC.

On a personal note, Stephanie has been sick off and on with a virus of sorts but as of current she is tired but doing well.

I am experimenting with my own versions of ice blended coffee drinks at home. And getting a fair amount of success in getting them 'Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbucks' quality taste.

My picture slide show below this post will probably have some new pictures in the rotation coming in a few days.

Ah, time to get started at work....