Cheap Canned Biscuit Desserts

Now you don't have to use this brand, actually you probably have a comparable generic brand at your favorite grocery store...but these are the type canned biscuits I am using, jumbo flaky. But regular will do as well.
After opening the biscuits just smoosh one flat and fill it with a chunk of chocolate, some kind of jam, marshmallows w/graham crackers and chocolate, junks of your favorite candy bar, etc. I think you get the picture, then fold over filling and use a fork the crimp the ends down making the pregnant folded over biscuit look like a small empanada.

Bake at 350F till it looks golden brown and I am pretty sure the 'filling' will be good and melted/heated. YUM! Let it cool down a little...or follow the package instructions for the biscuits.
Yeah baby! MMmm, but lets think about savory for about a few peperoni's, mozzarella cheese, lil' that would be delicious too!
This concludes your cheap canned biscuit dessert. Until next time...think about donuts.