Give it some color! (Yeah I know, I need a better camera!)

Well folks, I know that previously I have talked about one of our (Stephanie and I) favorite meals which is a Black Bean Burger and Sweet Potato Home Fries...of which I left a recipe link in an earlier blog, very easy!

This time I want to revisit this meal in a different way. I peeled and cubed sweet & purple (yes purple) potatoes, blanched them, and then sauteed/pan fried them (not quite enough oil/butter to really call it pan frying but it sounds weird calling it sauteing?) with a little butter and olive oil...and when I say little, I mean hardly any at all. Not like Emeril or Paula Deen's use of butter or olive oil! Used some fresh ground salt & pepper, that's it! Browned them like a hash, the combination was delicious as well as healthy and visually appealing. Colorful!

Fresh vibrant colored avocado on top of that black bean burger (panini style) with mozzarella...the only way I could make it any better is use one of my favorite 'hot sauces' that is usually found in mom & pop Mexican restaurants: Chalula! you will see in the picture. Yes, that is a glass of Merlot (Dellicato). But my favorite is an Australian, Black Swan.

Enjoy the visual. It really does and is an integral part of 'selling' the mind on making it taste even more appealing before the tongue even touches it. That combined with smell...SOLD!

ps. just to rub it in a little bit, the bread was one of our homemade facoccias.