Pop-n-Fresh Donuts?

To get started I microwaved some white and milk chocolate chips (bought from any grocery store) until they were smooth. See the two bowls in the picture? We will use this to dip the donuts in later. I used an electric stove and a non-stick pan (I am sure it can be any pan) on medium heat for about 20 - 30 minutes before I got started. Tada! Yep, that's right! Here is the donut dough that I am using (CANNED BISCUITS!)...it usually comes 4 cans to a pack at around $1.50 (for the 4 pack package, so that means a possible 40 donuts for $1.50!).
Now we just rub our fingers together in a circular pattern until we have a hole in the middle. Do about five of these at a time then just keep them held on your fingers. Do more than that if you get the hang of it and can fry them with enough time to flip them without burning any.

Look at the following pictures below to see a 'tester' being fried up first. Because if you at least do one you will know if your oil temp is going to work for you. (and this way we don't have to get all technical taking temperatures and such). I could count between seven and ten and flip them and that usually worked out good for me.

Now that you know how to adjust to the way your oil is cooking the donuts, we can do 5 at a time! (or more if you can!)

As you have seen in my pictures either a slotted 'fish' spatula or a pair of tongs work out nicely for these donuts. Then we can drain them on some paper towels. Note: If you just want to shake some cinnamon sugar on them fresh from the oil that topping works out nicely too...and a little less calorie intake! hahaha! But hey, your making DONUTS so who is counting anyway?!?!
Now lets dip the donuts and eat them fresh, or wait to the following day and the chocolate will have set harder.

Eat them fresh is what I suggest, but a few seconds in the microwave will soften the donut and the chocolate again. Mmmm, delicious! So how much did those homemade 40 donuts cost you?