The Day After (Easter)

Were you part of the faithful that went to church on Easter? Or are you the faithful that only go to church for special occasions which puts Easter high on your to-do list every year: go to church on Easter(note to self). Better yet, do you attend regularly? I won't say what regularly is because that in it self can cause a controversial debate.

But anyway, that is not the point. I want to know how many of you ate the 'standard' or traditional meal? You know....Ham? Or what? Usually if you aren't eating Ham you are going out to eat, right? I'm sure of it. Nobody cooks anymore, or at least not what they want when they want. They are peer pressured into the same old meals every year unless they go out to eat and escape the scrutiny.

Some who are close to me, or at least think they have reasonable evidence to say they 'know' me could tell you that I loathe (OK, maybe that's too strong a word) doing the 'usual' thing for meals on Holidays.

My friend Gary and his family went out for pizza! My wife says that her family does a big seafood dinner every year at Christmas. Now that sounds good! One year we (my family-mom & dad, sister & her family and such) grilled Lamb Shanks on an outdoor grill (we can do that in the South) with various other non-traditional side dishes for Thanksgiving.

This past (yesterday) Easter we had an Angel Hair Pasta with ingredients like: black label bacon (Pancetta was not available), shrimp, diced tomato, fresh garlic, butter, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, mushrooms, spinach, Parmesan cheese and of course select herbs and spices.

My wife said it was the best ever (Angel Hair pasta that she had). I must agree even if it borders on arrogance. Easter dinner...what was yours?

Tell me, I'm interested - leave a comment.