Tasty Snack! (and a few to-go tips)

A lot of times people make things out to be harder than what they are...like guacamole. I personally only need 2 ingredients (and maybe a third) to get down and dirty with a bag of tortilla chips. And yes, this will be American style fast food.

This should also be relatively cheap.

Believe it or not, where I am you can stop by Chili's (at the to-go door and park right by the door) walk in and get a bag of fresh tortilla chips and salsa for $2.39. I like them a lot. They are thin, light, and crispy (also there are directions on the bag to heat them up if so desired)...then swing by the grocery store.

Usually the grocery store will have those hass avocado that are almost to ripe and are going to go bad quick so they are selling for about 50 cents a piece. Getcha one or two.

Then kick on down an aisle or two, (because I know if you are trying this you ain't got it yet, that's right AIN'T!) and pick yourself up a bottle of Cholula! Best Hot Sauce ever, ranks right up there in my top three, which I change the number one around depending on my taste buds.

So here it is:

1 Hass Avocado

2 or 3 shots of Cholula

Mix to consistency of guacamole texture you like...

(possible addition would be a clove of Garlic)

That's it! Eat bag of chips with salsa & guacamole. If you use a couple of Avocado's you can feed a small group of people.

Just a favorite tasty snack of my own...

Tip: When I don't want to cook, or take the time of going thru the motions of eating out we start looking at using these 'pick-ups' that have now been offered by many different Restaurants like Chili's. Scour the menu's online, call or make order online, pick up on way home and eat in the comfort of your own home without wasting all that time...save money on the tip too.

Try eating Ala Carte and ordering only what you want and use condiments or 'extras' from home. For example I hate getting the mandatory 'beans & rice' with every dinner item on the Mexican menu. So I usually order from the appetizers a lot, or piece by piece...comes out cheaper and drinks are usually already cold in my refrigerator. (Haven't you noticed drinks are now almost $2 unless its water? And watch out, they may give you bottled.)

You don't have to be a cheapo, just get what you want without being forced to take it all.