Continued Education

Sorry that I have not posted anything of note lately as I am on continued education in Boston (some may call it 'vacation').

Yesterday I was at Harvard observing all the alumni reunions while dining on some local fair and Stephanie did a little shopping (as to be expected)...but then again, so did I.

I am a sucker for massive book stores, and small quaint 'used' book stores as well. The kitchen shops just don't hold my attention anymore. I have not seen really anything new in awhile (or at least not new that I would want to buy) and all the small kitchen 'shops' prices seem to be dreadful.

Its like being in a store with a lot of stuff you know you really like, and maybe want, but its much cheaper online or at Target and Wal-Mart. And I AM NOT going to buy it just so I can say I bought it in Boston at the "" store. Just so I can 'one-up' a friend of mine in competitive conversation. And you know what I am talking about...

example: oh last year I just got this darling shawl at Ann Taylor's in Boston (now what was really said is this= I went to Boston, I have great taste, I can afford to travel to Boston just to shop at Ann Taylor's because I have money,--unless of course you are bragging about getting it on sale, then it shows how shrewd you are if you really did get a bargain and that's a better 'bragging' point)...

(now my turn) that's funny I bought my wife the same one at the flea market last Saturday right here in town. -- See, kinda makes one look stupid just to have a 'bragging' conversation piece.

Now of course if you bought an item that may have only been available in that area, now that's something to brag, boast, and 'rub in' about. And along those lines I have a few restaurant experiences I will share later that are only available outside of where I live right now (in the South)...and some are only in Boston.

So maybe later after I have time to compile my study notes and 'continued education' materials I will post with some of my knowledge and wisdom.