Kaze Shabu Shabu

Tucked away in Boston's Chinatown where Boylston turns into Essex, about two blocks down there is a restaurant called Kaze Shabu Shabu.

This quickly became a favorite of my wife and I. An induction top separates you and a guest, or many guests. After ordering the meats of your choice (beef. pork, chicken, seafood) you then order the noodles (4 or was it 6 different kinds?) of choice, or rice if you prefer. Then you need to decide what broth you would like, pick from 12. Pick two, they have split bowls. There is also a platter that comes out with it; vegetables, fish cakes, tofu...

I am still amazed or perplexed at how they get away with serving raw chicken & pork without some kind of violation of health department codes. But it did not deter me from trying it...actually I thought it was quite brilliant. The chicken and pork I ordered in the above picture (my wife ordered seafood deluxe) came out shaved and rolled about poster board thin. And frozen. Both cooked up fairly quick in the bubbling brew of broth (say it quick five times).

Once person said they would not suggest this 'hot pot' dish/entree for children under 10, but I would say not under 12 and definitely make sure you are a 'neat' eater. Or maybe bring along a Red Lobster bib till you get experience in using the tools and slurping your way along.

Check out the shabu shabu 101 & tutorial, I believe you will find it interesting: Shabu 101 & 3 step program.