Appreciation Dinner

This week I will be going 'home' to Alabama to host and cook an appreciation dinner for friends and family...mostly members of my home church.

What is a home church? The church you feel you have embarked from and/or originally hailed from. I feel that most jobs and traveling have always been temporary relocation's, of which I will relocate again next year to Sierra Leone. Care to join me?

Hopefully I will leave behind an existing business 'launching' to be able and look back to see them survive and actually provide a small base of financial support for my mission/charity/humanitarian/volunteer it what you will, nobody pays me for it. ( lest I forget, my wife is also part of this, I usually just speak for myself on this blog, force of habit). I work for Mercy Ships, in case you didn't know already...or are new to my blog.

Well lets see...back to the dinner, if you feel this would be something you are interested in (financially supporting my wife and I) this is fully covered at our website AND there is also a link at the bottom of the blog to donate and receive a tax receipt/credit for giving to a charity.

If you are going to be in the Huntsville, Alabama area please drop me an email telling me you would like to attend and I will be expecting your presence at the dinner!!! All the information and a map is supplied VIA the website.

Our catering company is currently developing specialty products for National online sales, as well as local cakes and baked items for the holiday seasons. That can be accessed thru

If you are coming to the dinner I'll see you this Sunday!!!