Fat Boy ~ A moment of truth

I have never been skinny. Ok, maybe when I was seven or so...

During middle school, high school, and my pre-college (running around) days I was basically a 'fat boy'. My weight came close to 280 in my young teens...my mother may not remember it that way, but I do! And if I could find those pics I would post them so you can see the difference. But right now I can't find them.

I am 6'2" and have successfully kept my weight between 200 and 220 for the last 10 years or so...but lately I have found that my clothes are becoming tighter and I feel less active. And I will not be buying new clothes just to fit in them!

If I don't do something to change for the long term I may find myself out of the 'big boy' stage and back in the 'Fat Boy' stage again...and that is unacceptable to me. Because I don't believe in dieting. Dieting meaning that 'commercial' plan of doing something to lose weight. No, everyone has a diet. Whether it be junk food, carnivorous, or vegetarian (just to name a few) everyone one, has one.

Possible reasons for this weight gain could be...less activity in my job. I still work hard, but till I get back on the ship I will be missing about 500 steps to run up and down a day. Not to mention your muscles always balancing out the sway and roll of being on a ship (and you can sweat to death in Africa or the Caribbean).

And there could be that period of time from 6 to 8 months where I neglected the gym all together because of too much going on: moving, starting a different job, getting married. I have been back in the gym for months now...but I gues I get frustrated because the weight loss doesn't seem to happen as fast as the weight gain.

Further contributions could be that now I work in a kitchen full-time and also work a second job catering. We are also working on some online products for sale. I think I realized that I probably sample/taste more calories then most people eat in three well balanced meals. How does that happen? You ask. Easy...spoonful of this, bite of that, few pinches and slurps everywhere else...then you get hungry and eat too!

I think I am on the right path to recovery but it sure is taking longer than I want! And during this time it is actually depressing and unmotivating when you can't seem to see results.

Plus, how many of you out there have vowed to change your diet but everyone and everything around you deters you from the lifestyle? You got to get tough, tell people NO! Tell grandma that you are already overweight and that YES, one more cookie will hurt! Because everyone will 'one more' you to death, literally.

All that being said I think I am going to implement more aggressive measures in my diet and exercise to find the balance I want. We'll see how it goes...donut anyone?