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I have mostly used frontpage to do most of my website code to write and pretty much get anything cool added or on my website.  BUT nowadays they have stopped updating frontpage (I think maybe since 2003) and I am trying to grow with everything else in order to keep up...

I have all this great coffee cup software that can do almost anything so I am trying to use its many different stand alone programs, and they even kind of jive together.  Right now I am working with the blog feature which is pretty nice.  It is real light and less of a hassle than all the other software that you can have on your own host.  Like:  Wordpress (I changed my mind about this obviously), nucleus, pmachine...

This software was a free download for using Lunarpages as my website host and domain name can check the prices and things and see if its right for you.  I really just needed a good host but now that i have been playing around with this software and learned a few more things like php and mysqul databases...whew, now I am having fun!

So bare with me as you may not be able to access things from time to time.  As a side note, did you know that Books-A-Million has wifi now?  Yep, and if you have one of their BAM cards (which is only 15$ a year - good for discounts too!) you use the number on the card and get the wifi for free.  That would be worth 15$ a year...especially the one I like to visit when I am at home.  Nice plush chairs, no hassle, 50cent (not the rapper) coffee for life if you buy one of their coffee for life cups.

Yeah, life is good sometimes....then you go to a third world country.  And it gets realize you CAN live without all this STUFF.  And you enjoy and appreciate it more when you come back to visit on breaks and fund/support raising trips.  Oh, and by the way...I borrowed the BAM card and coffee cup from my father.  Yep, good ol' dad.

Here's to ya!  While I sip my Vanilla Nut Coffee and upload this post.

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