Freezer to Green Bay

Well, this week we had quite a challenge at the IOC kitchen.  Our walk-in freezer went down...actually I think by the time we realized it was not keeping temp it could have been down for 24 hours.  We do not frequent our freezer every day, it's not necessary.

 We called US Foods & Sysco but to no avail.  Neither could produce a trailer with refrigeration(freezer capabilities) at 4pm in the afternoon (which seems kind of hoky to me), but tried to promise one first thing the next day.  But of course, that would be too late...we were a bit disappointed with the food companies.

But we got it all squared away ourselves and for now, our walk-in refrigerator is maxed out.  We'll just cook/make our everyday menu out of the thawing meats and products as they become defrosted and in order of the most likely to go bad first.  We think we have a pretty good chance at staying one step ahead of having to waste anything.  That was yesterday...

Today I am getting ready to leave work..we (my wife and I) will be attending a marriage up in Green Bay, WI.  This is Stephanie's extended family(Grandma, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, etc...).  And it will be a good time to spend with them since all her immediate family will be there as well.

We'll be flying out of Dallas in the morning...(yawn) 4 am comes quick!