Hometown, homegrown, homemade...

Whatever you want to call it, specialty places, stores/food services that have been in place for generations...that's what real food is made from, or at least originally came from. I am glad to see that these days have not gone by the wayside yet.

Although I was a bit disappointed that Krohn Dairy Store would not let me tour the facilities (9/11, regulations, insurance, blah blah blah) I still managed to get my hands on some fresh samples and Judy (my mother-in-law) made sure we went away with a few pounds of their best cheese and cheese curds.

Mark Konop at Konops Meat Market seemed a little taken back that I would actually want to see his families operations...apologizing that the particular day we came there was not a whole lot of 'excitement' going on, but come tomorrow...that's ok Mark, I had to get back to work.

I would have gotten more pictures but I didn't want to get anyone nervous.

And don't ya know, after packing all that meat and cheese in my check-in bag I had one of those 'inspection' tags in my luggage upon returning home and unzipping it to put it away. It was sittin' right on top...and luckily for them, nothin' was missing!!!