I am so excited!!

Posted by:  Stephanie 

Almost 10 years ago I met this girl who had just finished 2 years with  Anastasis in the Drama Department. She showed me  the video about Mercy ships and talked to me about how Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poorest of the poor. I was in college at the time.... well mostly I was skipping classes, developing an impressive social life and wardrobe. One night after talking to her I went home found the Mercy Ships website and for the first time in my life I had clarity and purpose for my life. I knew then that Mercy Ships was for me. That summer I worked at Hume Lake Christian Camps and had a mentor nmed Stephanie. We went through all of my strengths and weaknesses and pretty much just picked the career of nursing. At the end of the summer I got really sick and spent a long time in the hospital and God placed the desire in my heart to be a nurse and re-sparked my desire to go work with Mercy ships. After bit more screwing around in college, I over heard one of my so called friends telling another girl I would never make it through nursing school or to the ship. That one comment was the turning point for me, when I enrolled for my courses that semester I new it would be different this time. Not only would I finish these courses but I would do well and this time I had the motivation of not only proving that I could do it, I also knew that I wanted to work with Mercy ships in Africa and Nursing was my vehicle. So in 2004 I served 1 year on the Caribbean Mercy as a nurse. In January, almost 10 years from that day I watched that video my husband (Tyrone, whom I met on the ship)  and I are heading to Sierra Leone  to work on the Africa Mercy. I will be working as a nurse and Tyrone will be working as the Cheif Cook. My plan was much different, but God is so good and His plans are much better than mine. I am so excited to be on the ship with Tyrone using the talents God gave us, to serve Him and truely bring hope and healing to those in need.