Ethical Fried Chicken and a caterers dilemma...

Suppose your business was asked to cater a backyard picnic for forty that consisted of several side dishes say like:  texas caviar (a blackeyed pea cold salad kind of dish), potato salad, spinach salad, corn bread.  The main dish is Fried Chicken.

Lets say your commercial kitchen was not really outfitted for a fryer but added a small one (and I mean small, one basket tabletop) as a side thought 'just in case' would be the reply.

After cooking all the other dishes for the event you had the bright idea of saving yourselves some time and headache and increasing your chances for delivering hot, juicy (maybe still crunchy, the event was 30 minutes away from our kitchen) fried chicken by just picking up several 'mixed' chicken buckets from a local fried chicken place (closer to event, 5 minutes away) and then just putting them, the buckets of chicken, in your chafing dishes.

What would be the harm in that?  Is there some line the caterers would cross by doing that?  Or, is it ethical?

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