Church Under the Bridge

Just a quick blurb to let you know we (Gary and I) signed up (months ago) to supply the food for the 'dinner' at Church Under the Bridge in Waco Texas along with members of Gary's Sunday School class at CCF (church right next to Mercy Ships IOC) and I will be posting pictures ( as soon as I can devise the best way to do that and have time ) shortly along with the menu we used (which held well for the 3 hours it takes to get there) with no cooking facilities on-site, we where literally under a bridge!!! Under I-35 and S. 4th & 5th streets.

It would be easiest (and best) to go to their website to understand what CUB is...but in my paraphrase it is this:

Church for the poor, unwanted, homeless, addicts, misfits, mentally challenged, physically challenged, outsiders, outcasts, normal people (if there is such a thing), the curious, middle and upper class people who are ready for a change and venture outside of their own comfort zones to see what life they are missing, and people who are tired of 'church' as they know is in essence an unpretentious, non-denominational experiment in love. As Jimmy Dorrell said yesterday at the service, a laboratory of love.

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