Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Edition pt.3

Coffee here we come! After experiences at 2 other places in the Texarkana area we still needed to find some coffee to go with our previous purchases (see prior Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Editions)...although after having had the bread pudding heat up we greedily ate that right away! Only saving the Kentucky Butter Cake to enjoy with a much-needed coffee fix.

We found out from a local that the coffee shop we were looking for had closed down, and tried to point us to a well known national one, to which we expressed our dismay. She then pointed us to a local place that was pretty popular.

tip*~take a few minutes to research areas you are going thru, you would be surprised the local establishments that know a good web presence can 'grab' a few more customers even if they will never be a chain or franchise but don't miss asking the locals because this is not always the case, if in doubt ASK THE LOCALS~

tip**~one more things since the previous tip reminded me, ask people who work at pizza or food delivery jobs for directions and/or local popular places (once I pulled into a pizza delivery place, hopped out of the car, and asked one of guys taking a smoke break about local hot spots and motel directions, he was SPOT ON/CORRECT and simple for every turn or landmark whether he knew the road names or not~

The Doughnut Cafe & Coffee House is serving up beignets, coffee, and espresso drinks. It was inspired by New Orleans cafes. With a combination of South Louisiana doughnuts and a large variety of the finest roasted and brewed coffee available (ok so I stole a little from their description on the website)...they also take orders online then you can pick them up in the drive-thru. Ironically their French Market Coffee w/Chicory is the actual coffee that is sold by Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans (pronounced Nor'lens or Naw'lins) Louisiana. The (now) typical beignets are a square yeast doughnut highly dusted with powdered sugar (I would ask for a light dusting, or eat outside standing up with the wind blowing away from you coming from behind)... But I would suggest their Blueberry Cake Doughnut made fresh...or whatever they call it, maybe just blueberry doughnut, but it is of the cake texture/variety. Very good!

OH! Almost forgot, free wireless access as well as 2 computers for free customer use...see slide show below.

This is off of the Richmond exit in Texarkana, Insterstate 30. From their website, you can print directions and see the map.

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