Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Edition pt.1

Stephanie had viral meningitis (read our other posts to catch up on this) and went back in for an appointment (she was released on the Friday previous from the ER as a patient) to reassess her condition and they request that she not come back to work till the following Monday. If she was not feeling better she would have to come back in for further testing...

That being the case I felt that Stephanie indeed needed more rest and a relaxing environment. Our room that we live in at the IOC at Mercy Ships was quite stuffy and I felt it was time for at least a temporary change. I already had a four day weekend coming because of the Thanksgiving holiday so I loaded Stephanie up in the car and took here for a 'countryside' ride. She had plenty of pillows, medication, and a special neck pillow for our journey.

After researching online for coffee shops I found an interesting place that was called Spices Unlimited that fell under the coffee category even though it was not a cafe or coffee shop. It sold coffee, all kinds of packaged as well as bulk spices...most I had seen before but there were a few surprises. They also had a section in the back called 'The Cellar" or at least thats what I think it was called, it had an extensive collection of equipement, materials, replacement parts, yeast, hops, barley, and other ingredients for the simplest to most sophisticated home-brewer of beer or wine. Very interesting...Although I personally do not care to venture into that region of recipes and what not.

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Spices unlimited is located in Texarkana exit 223a off of Interstate 30. That exit deposits you on highway 71 or N. State Line Ave. After about a half mile you should see it on your left. It is in the middle of a couple of other businesses that are attached.

From Feasting on A...

After talking extensively with the Lady who was running it, she also told us that they supplied the coffee, spices, and other supplies for the cafe next door. Actually while we were there the cook from next door came to get a refill of some 'meat seasoning'.

Join me next time as we visit the cafe next door.