Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Edition pt.2

The cafe next door actually turned out to be Cobbler Shoppe Restaurant. And from the picture you see it boasts of Espresso and Cappuccino (and if you can't see that, click to go to the album picture which is much larger).

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Directions for this place was in the previous Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Edition post, its right next to Spices Unlimited.

Ironically, or maybe just humorous we didn't get coffee or cobbler! Once inside we found several options that were more interesting (and we were not ready to eat a regular meal). On the erasable marker board they listed a bread pudding with vanilla sauce that caught both Stephanie's and my eye...so we ordered one to go. And why they were preparing that, heating it up...There was a delicious, moist, and 'good crumb' looking cake on the counter that was calling my name.

I asked one of the ladies what kind it was and she said it was a Kentucky Butter Cake. Oh yeah, give me a piece of that too!

Suspiciously I asked (or was it Stephanie, we often think alike in situations like this) wait a minute, do you make everything yourself or is this 'imported'? Oh no, we make it all ourselves!

From Feasting on A...

In hind site I wish I had took pictures of the cake and bread pudding, DELICIOUS! The vanilla sauce for the bread pudding looked caramel-e but with a definite vanilla taste and appeared to be riddled with vanilla specks like when you scrape a vanilla bean clean after splitting it. The bread pudding itself looked something like this:

But was not as compressed looking as this, notice towards the bottom or the rest of the picture after the top that this bread pudding looks more like a solid? Our bread pudding had more of the 'top' consistency all thru it but still held together for a clean slice...and it was bigger and taller than this one. Ok, I tried to give you a picture.

For the Kentucky Butter Cake I found this recipe from the Allrecipes.com for what I am sure almost exactly covers the taste of what I experienced.

Our cake led you to believe it was made in a big bundt pan and soaked with a brandy or rum icing on the top, bottom, and sides. I know the reason I loved it so much was because it used some of my favorite ingredients; butter, vanilla, and buttermilk. But ours also had the addition of what we believed to be fine ground roasted almonds that you could actually see spotted throughout the cake...almost looked like poppy seeds or cracked peppercorns, but of course I am sure they were not. It looked relatively similar to this one:

Now on to finding the coffee to go with it!