Feasting on Asphalt Wedding Anniversary pt.1

From Anniversary

On Sunday the 4th we ventured out on celebrating our wedding anniversary (which was on the 5th). What happened became a version of Feeding on Asphalt meets the Newlyweds...or something of that nature. I being a career cook (or chef if you will) and my wife being a Registered Nurse are very adventuresome in general but also with food exploits.

Our criteria had nothing to do with food per se, Stephanie had 2 days off from work and we didn't want to drive very far to enjoy ourselves. Which left us with Louisiana, which you know can be a food destination of its own caliber.

But right away we never got out of Texas for the first installment of our feeding on asphalt wedding anniversary!

East Texas, Interstate 20, exit 635 will have a few fast food options and a Jim's BBQ & Catfish (locally owned and operated). Big (pizza hut style) cups of sweet tea or soda's, huge heaping helpings of food, and a very 'wanting to serve you' attitude...

Can't say we ever got to the pie or desserts (maybe we should have gotten one to go) but our appetite was bordering on 'no lunch' but to late to get stuffed before supper. We had a fried catfish sandwich and split some spicy curly fries. Catfish was breaded and fried with a big crunch but light in texture and color, moist and juicy inside and the fries were delicious...personal adjustments to the sandwich was hotsauce, but thats to be expected with us.

Menu was great and we got to look at several other peoples heaping plates of fried catfish or bbq...drool factor was in 'full effect'.

Things were looking good and we haven't even got to the destination yet!