Feasting on Asphalt Wedding Anniversary pt.2

After a nice 'corporate' lunch in Shreveport and 2 movies at the cinema (yes 2 in a row, that the kind of crazy wild stuff we do when we have the time!)...we rolled on down to Bossier city just looking at the cluster of buildings close to each exit ramp to see what looked like it was Restaurant populated.

We found a spot that looked like the usual, but with a few hometown 'favorite' places thrown in for good measure. If a local restaurant can survive between the corporate and franchise outlets then it's a good sign the locals keep it alive because really, besides crazies like us who do you know that eats mom & pop while traveling without worrying about the repercussions on their stomachs? Yep, everyone wants to play it safe.

We decided on a seafood place called 'Ralph & Kacoos' only later did I find out they have several restaurants in Louisiana and Texas, but otherwise it's a 'local' regional place. It was good. Although I felt our waiter memorized the 'special' without really comprehending what he was saying. How is that you say? I had some kind of special called tilapia voodoo or vise versa, and I asked him to blacken my fish (which he said was a choice during the mundane rundown of a memorized specials list in his head, but unfortunately, that was the only special) only he responded that the special only comes one way and that is wasn't blackened? Ok.

The dish tasted fabulous and the bread rolls were outstanding, kinda like a lighter yeast roll with a buttery garlic parmesan like topping. Delicious. Stephanie had a shrimp plate (with several different preparations of shrimp, broiled, grilled, fried...) but Stephanie also has a food allergy to beef and beef products that include soup base and stock. You may ask, 'what does that have to do with shrimp?!' EXACTLY!!! That's what I was wondering...unbeknown to me (or, I did not know) that their version (because I know a few versions, but not like this) of cajun rice has small hamburger pieces in it! What?

Anyway, our meal was delicious and they promptly removed the rice and cooked more shrimp to replace all the ones that were touching the rice (yes, the allergy is that bad...she had stomach problems from the small spoonful she had before realizing what was in it).

We readily agreed for more rolls when asked then packed about 4 of them away to take them back to the hotel refrigerator to put right alongside the other food. Our 'banquet of leftovers' was looking pretty good for getting back on the road the next day (which would be Nov 6th).

Ralph & Kacoos has apparently won the following awards:

2006-2007 AWARDS:

Although it's not apparent (at the website) exactly WHO awarded them? Interesting. And what kind of award is Bride's Favorite? What's the criteria?

Well, folks, that's all I have time for today...