My head is not going to explode!!

Finally, after 3 long days of thinking it was possible to see my head actaully explode and roll off my neck, my headache is down to just minor pain. Tyrone has been so nice to me.  He took  me to the ER yesterday. I was so dreading going, because I knew they would do an LP and I was sure everyone I knew at the hospital would see me at my worst. They gave me some Versed (conscious sedation medicine) to knock me out. I was most anxious about what I was going to say while I was visiting the land of the Loopy. And I was afraid who was going to come in the room while they were doing the LP, so I gave the nurse a specific list of people who could come in the room, all others were strictly BANNED!!! As far as I know my wishes were granted. Now I am off work until Wednesday which brings me to 18 more shifts in the ER, then Hasta La Pasta, Sianara, WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!!