A note to Sunday School (& faithful readers)

Hello All,

I (tyrone) just brought Stephanie home from the hospital.  On tuesday Stephanie went to get the 'yellow fever' shot for our travel to Africa.  4 hours later she started getting a headache.  It later developed into a burning sensation in her neck, pain, chills, discomfort and a worse headache that was still happening today.

After some tests, IV, and some shots (not necessarily in that order) they took an LP (what is that?) yeah me too, what is that?  They take a long (blunt/dull) needle and extract fluid from your spinal cord and run tests with it...and it was decided she indeed has viral meningitis, and yes its contagious.  So I would ask that you pray that she will start feeling better and heal.  Usually its just a waiting game.

I don't think I will get it because I have already been immunized for it a few years ago.  I am a walking immunization having had all known medical shots for traveling and disease. (not sure if that is something to brag about or not?)

Thanks in advance for your prayers...we probably won't see you Sunday, we'll probably be lying around watching chic flics and feeding Stephanie ice cream to make her feel better.