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Korea House - Huntsville Alabama

From FOA - Quick Bite

I have been going to this little house's Korean lunch buffet for years...When my friend Will (half Korean) moved to Huntsville it became more of a weekly tradition when I was living there.

Awesome Korean food, if you have someone like Will with you he knows how to ask for 'specialty' things other people would never know to ask for! And you can order off the menu, I think...Because I have never really ordered off the menu but I have seen others eating shabu shabu (hot pot) style and also Be Bim Bop and other well known favorites.

The Restaurant is indeed a repainted old house and it is not fancy or modern, the buffet is a tight little 'L' format not far from the front door...but the food is excellent and prices are low. This restaurant used to be on my route when I first started working for Budweiser, the kitchen was always clean and always run by Korean women, no men.

Another good tip-off that this was at least good at minimum was every time I have been there the customers were 50-70% Korean.

If you are looking for a new, modern, fancy high cost restaurant to impress your friends or your self, THIS IS NOT IT.  If you are looking for great Korean food and a weekly to bi-weekly lunch tradition...this is the place to meet and eat! 

* TIP - they say that Tuesday is 'spicy and juicy ribs' on the buffet...can't verify that one because I last ate there on a Friday right after Thanksgiving (last month).  But I have ate the ribs(riblets), and they are delicious, so they have been on the lunch buffet before.

From FOA - Quick Bite

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