Feasting on Asphalt - Thanksgiving Edition (wrap-up)

Although our road trip did not end till further down the line, I want to wrap it up in Little Rock Arkansas. I don't want to bore you by drawing this out to long...

Continuing on down Interstate 30 looking to meet up with 40 (in Little Rock) we took the President Bill Clinton exit to downtown where there are shops, markets, and restaurants galore...and for some reason everything is 'flying'. Like the flying hot dog, the flying buffalo wing, things of that nature...whats with the flying?

Well anyway...we ate at the (yes you guessed it) Flying Fish Restaurant!

Stephanie and I had a fabulous grilled grouper po'boy sandwich with fried calamari and pickled green tomatoes. NO, the pickled green tomatoes were not good, they start out being OK for a new taste, but it leans more towards being a watery sugared green tomato, than a pickle tasting pickled green tomato. The calamari was excellent, but some of you would be surprised that it was breaded with seasoned cornmeal not flour. The dipping sauce for the calamari was good & different, but if you don't like heinz 57 sauce then I would not suggest using it, thats what the 'base' flavor tasted like to me.

Very good food, no frills, order food, wait, pick it up, seat yourself...you get the picture. But the restaurant is fun and entertaining. Lots of things to read and see hanging up on the walls.

I took a few pictures but since my posts are more about experiences and letting YOU know about them I would suggest the following website for more pictures and detail: http://www.galenfrysinger.com/little_rock_flying_fish.htm

Although you may look at my album which has more pictures of the different places we were at during this time. Oh, almost forgot...make sure you check out the Billy Bass Adoption Center at the above link, fascinating...

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