Free Album - Christian CAN be good!

(Tyrone posting) Believe it or not, I grew up with rap...but now that I don't care for the nasty, bling, selfish role of most of the music today I tend to look towards the Christian music scene for better music, but sometimes it falls so short in the Rap category, or the sound feels like it's still stuck in the past, BUT THIS ONE? I liked almost every song AND it's free!

The debut album by Conviction, entitled "Soul Food", is now out! --> DOWNLOAD HERE

The goal is for people to download the project, burn multiple copies, and pass them out to as many people as they come across who don't know Jesus. This will be a great resource for believers who have a heart for the street but have little cash to purchase CDs from their favorite HHH artists in bulk to pass out.

The project has 15 songs on it, and the topics covered are as diverse as Conviction's flows! The album features collaborations with Jacob Izrael, Excelsius, His Heir, and others. Make sure you stop by and download this free project by Conviction TODAY!

For more information on Conviction, visit or e-mail him at