Range Rover Eulogy

Clifford was a great companion. He was feet above the rest. A site to behold from California to Alabama.

He would take long journeys in silence just to spend time with you. He could help you with bumpy trials in your life. Clifford brought my wife to me over mountains and dessert. He was her protector, confidant, pal, and companion.

He was greatly envied by Surfers, Hunters, wanna-be rappers (...ridin' on 33's) for his commanding presence and sheer elegance among the newer and more popular crowd...

But as 'they' say, 'nothing lasts forever' and Clifford has moved on from our lives, we shall greatly miss him and maybe even feel guilty for 'selling him out'...but he has a better home now, someone who will take care of him...someone who will make him feel useful during this long time we will be away with no promise of returning.

Clifford, we will miss you dear friend!