animals, sunshine, and waffles

This weekend was quite eventful. Yesterday we went to this zoo full of animals. They had plenty of shows to watch with dolphins, orcas, birds, sea lions. The bird show was terrible. They let the birds zip around the room. It felt like they were going to fly into my head. The grounds were perfectly manicured and full of trees and wonderful flowers. It was so fun hanging out with Tyrone and some of our friends from the ship. Today I walked around town in the sunshine by myself  and it was wonderful. I found this cute little bakery where I got a waffle and hot chocolate, it was so tasty. Pretty much a great weekend.

I (now switching to me, tyrone) will try to get some of the pictures we took up to an album or mini slideshow as it is hard to upload large pictures of any kind.  So maybe after I resize them, and a little patience...And by the way, the Bird Show was great! I got to see the birds do tricks, fly around scaring people, and squawking...which by the way was what Stephanie was doing in between floor dives, squawking.

Now thats funny.